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The New Age of Contract Drafting & Review

Product Roadmap

Amikus SuperDraft

Finding the right precedent, modifying clauses, ensuring consistency, replacing placeholders — lawyers need to jump through several hoops to create a perfect contract. Amikus SuperDraft uses templates that are vetted by top lawyers and the power of automation to help you draft contracts 75% faster. Use it now

Amikus ProReview

Want to know if any important clauses are missing in a contract? Trying to compare one clause type (e.g., change in control) across several contracts? Amikus ProReview does just that. Within seconds, our platform will crunch your contracts and provide valuable insights so that you can focus on clauses that matter.

Amikus Redline

The biggest challenge with reviewing contracts is deciding which clauses are problematic or unacceptable. From clauses imposing a unilateral obligation to those that are narrowly constructed, there's a plethora of concerns that need to be analysed. Trained on thousands of variants of each clause, Amikus Redline flags risks and provides alternate wording for clauses. This is your personal review assistant.

Join the Beta

Want early access to ProReview and Redline? Reach out to us at

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