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Professional contracts in 10 minutes

Vetted by attorneys; powered by automation.

Amikus SuperDraft

The process of drafting contracts is inefficient and time-consuming. From finding the right template to ensuring consistency in language, lawyers spend hours on work that doesn't translate to direct economic value.

Amikus SuperDraft changes this. Through our pre-vetted templates and drafting functionality, you can get a ready-to-sign contract in under 10 minutes. Welcome to the next generation of contract drafting.

New contracts released every week


How it works


Select the type of contract


Replace placeholders with relevant details


Complete payment & download the contract


Review & finalize the draft

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Coming Next:
Amikus ProReview

Whether you're reviewing hundreds of contracts as a part of a transaction or analysing a single draft for problematic clauses, Amikus ProReview uses cutting-edge AI to improve accuracy and reduce review time so that you can deliver value to your clients.

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